(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Vehicle for navigation on water
1. ship, vessel, sail; craft, bottom; airship (see aviation). See navigation.
2. (naval organization) navy, marine, fleet, flotilla, argosy; shipping, merchant marine; coast guard.
3. transport, tender, storeship; freighter, merchant ship, merchantman; packet; whaler, slaver, collier, coaster, lighter; fishing or pilot boat; dragger, drogher, trawler; hulk; yacht; liner; tanker, oiler; barge, scow; steamer, steamboat, steamship; paddle steamer; icebreaker; tug, tugboat; hovercraft, hydrofoil, hydroplane, airboat; bathyscaphe, bathysphere (see depth).
4. (sailing ship) sailer, sailing vessel, fore-and-after, bark, barque, brig, brigantine, barkantine; schooner; sloop, cutter, corvette, clipper, yawl, ketch, sharpie, smack, dogger, lugger, nickey; cat[boat], carvel, caravel; bireme, trireme; galley, dromond, hooker, argosy, carrack; galleass, galleon, galiot; hoy, jangada, junk, lorcha, nuggar, moleta, praam, proa, prahu, saic, sampan, xebec, dhow; dahabeah; knockabout; iceboat.
5. boat, pinnacle, launch; rowboat, shallop, johnboat; lifeboat, longboat, jollyboat, bumboat, flyboat, cockboat, canalboat, ferryboat; shallop, gig, skiff, dinghy, scow, cockleshell, wherry, nobby, punt, outrigger; float, raft, pontoon; fireboat, motorboat; cabin cruiser; houseboat; class boat; catamaran, coracle, gondola, felucca, caique, gufa; dugout, canoe; kayak, faltboat.
6. marine, navy, naval forces, fleet, flotilla, armada, squadron; man-of-war, ship of the line, ironclad, warship, frigate, gunboat, flagship, cruiser; minesweeper; privateer; troopship, transport, corvette, torpedo boat, submarine, battleship, scout, dreadnought, aircraft carrier, flattop, destroyer. Slang, gob, gyrene.
7. (parts of a ship or boat) oar, paddle, scull, screw, sail, course, crossjack, foresail, headsail, mizzen, moonraker, jigger, kite, lateen, lugsail, mainmast, mainsail, square sail, staysail, studding sail, topgallant, royal sail, skysail, spanker, topsail, gennaker, pennant, gaff, canvas, fish's tail; paddle wheel, side, or stern wheel; rudder, leeboards, rigging, sail, sheet, line, rope, mainsheet; mast, aftermast, foremast, boom, pole, bibb, jib, sprit, genoa, crosstree, yard, yardarm; beam; keep; deck, quarterdeck, forecastle, fo'c'sle; spar, bowsprit; alleyway, hatchway, booby hatch, gangplank, gangway; anchor, bower, fluke, hook, barb, shank, grapnel, kedge, sea anchor, anchor chock; backstay, becket, bight, block, bobstay, buntline, hawser, halyard, heaving line, spring line, lanyard, ratline, mainstay, vang, warp, shroud, burton, capstan, cleat; batten, ballast, carlings, davit, derrick; berth; after, fore, boat, poop, orlop, flight, etc. deck, quarterdeck, bridge, brig; boiler room, engine room, cabin, stateroom, galley, head, hold, sick bay; bow, stern, bilge, bulkhead, bulwark, buttock, cuddy, cutwater, fantail, fidley, futtock, strake, garboard, gunwale, hull, keel, keelson, paravane, porthole, scupper, skeg; compass, gimbal, pelorus, sextant, helm, wheel, rudder.
Verbs — sail, cruise, steam, drift, navigate (see navigation).
Adjectives — full-rigged, square-rigged; fore-and-aft; abeam; fore, aft, midship, outboard.
Adverbs — afloat, aboard, on board, aboardship, on shipboard, amidship(s), athwartships, belowdecks.
Quotations — Don't give up the ship (James Lawrence), The human heart is like a ship on a stormy sea driven about by winds blowing from all four corners of heaven (Martin Luther), Ships that pass in the night, and speak to each other in passing (Wordsworth), They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; these see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep (Bible), What is a ship but a prison? (Robert Burton), His heart was mailed with oak and triple brass who first committed a frail ship to the wild seas (Horace), Being in a ship is being in jail, with the chance of being drowned (Samuel Johnson), Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board (Zora Neale Hurston).
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. boat, vessel, craft.
Types of ships include: dahabeah, junk, galleon, sampan, Xebec, lugger, steamer, steamship, container ship, cargo ship, cruise ship, ocean greyhound, liner, freighter, landing barge, packet, ferry, clipper, square-rigged vessel, dhow, sailing ship, transport, oil tanker, supertanker, fishing smack, lightship, pilot boat, cutter-yacht, pindjajap, lorcha, galiot, casco, patamar, caique, bilander, baghla, state barge, battleship, cruiser, destroyer, corvette, aircraft carrier, whaling vessel, bark, barkentine, brigantine, schooner, windjammer, yacht, hydrofoil, catamaran, trimaran, dragger, cutter, ketch, yawl, bugeye, sloop, brig, tug, trawler, three-master, four-master, billyboy, hoy, felucca, caravel; see also boat . v.
Syn. send, consign, direct, dispatch, mail, transmit, ship out, put into the hands of a shipper, export, put on board; see also send 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
vessel, craft, watercraft, boat, *tub, *stormslogger, liner, cruise ship, freighter, ferry, transport. ''Being in jail with a chance of being drowned.''—Samuel Johnson.
accommodations: first-class, cabin class, tourist class
ammunition compartment: magazine
anchor: bower, kedge, sea anchor, stream anchor
anchor chain winder, unwinder: capstan, windlass
anchoring and securing of vessel: mooring
anchor rope: hawser
bed: berth
boarding platform: gangplank
body: hull
bottom fin or backbone: keel
bottom, rounded portion of: bilges
cabin, small: cuddy
captain: skipper
cargo and debris lost from wrecked ship: flotsam and jetsam
cargo area: hold
cargo conveyance: cargo net
cargo, list of: manifest
chart and navigational instrument room: chart room
compass stand: binnacle
course change: tack
crane, hoisting apparatus: davit, derrick
crew member: hand, mate
crew quarters, structure holding: forecastle
deck: weather deck, poop deck
depth below waterline: draft, draught
drain: scupper
drive: navigate
flag: burgee, jack
floating dock that holds ship for repairs: dry dock
front: bow, prow, fore
hatch: booby hatch, scuttle, companionway
hospital: sick bay
kitchen: galley, caboose, cuddy
knot: 6,080 feet an hour
ladder: jack ladder, ratlines
lean: heel, list left and right sides (respectively) looking
from aft forward: port, starboard
living quarters: cabin
lookout perch: crow’s nest
makeshift structure repairs: jury, juryrigging
meal compartment: mess room
merchant ship or fleet of same: argosy
middle: amidships
navigational house: pilot house
numbers of measurements on bow: draft marks
observation platform: bridge
officer: purser, bosun, skipper, captain
officers, upper-class passenger room: stateroom
pitch/roll indicator: clinometer
plants and animals living on ship’s bottom: foul
porthole cover: deadlight
position finder: Loran
protective shielding made of ropes, tires, etc.: fender, pudding
pulley system: block
pumps, motors, winches, collective term: auxiliaries
pump that removes water: bilge pump
rear: aft, stern, astern
rising and falling fore and aft with waves: pitching
rope-belaying fixture: cleats
rope, collective term: cordage
rope: lanyard
side-to-side motion: roll
steering apparatus: helm; rudder, tiller
steer: navigate, conn
structure above deck: superstructure
supplier: chandler
tarp securer of wood: batten
toilet: head
trailing whitewater: wake
vibrations of bow over waves: panting
waiter: cabin boy
wall, compartment: bulkhead
weight of sand, rocks, concrete or iron, stabilizing: ballast
weight of water, stabilizing: ballast tanks
width: beam
window: porthole
send, transport, mail, convey, forward, dispatch, consign.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) verb To cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination: address, consign, dispatch, forward, route, send, transmit. See MOVE.

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